KOOL-AID: failure’s new clothes

the next instalment of Almost drank the Kool-Aid...   Not a moment longer could I deny the need for clothes. Might have been the Landlord, if truth be told. Yes, was a little humiliated by my wardrobe. And my smell. For these last few years have been scent free. Did not enjoy being scent free. … Continue reading KOOL-AID: failure’s new clothes

KOOL-AID: it’s all about the money

So. What happens when you’ve been in a cult for ten years, five of those spent devoted entirely to the “cause”? You have nothing. No money. No job. No credit history, no employment experience, no references, probably no family and certainly no friends. It’s worse, of course, for those who grow up in a cult. … Continue reading KOOL-AID: it’s all about the money

KOOL-AID: well done, dickhead

Welcome to the first post of Koolaid! I am excited to hear your views so please feel free to comment below. Don't miss out on any Koolaid posts: Head to the footer below to subscribe! Well done, dickhead. Australian proverb. Was my dad’s favourite saying. Might still be. He used it mostly when driving. Like … Continue reading KOOL-AID: well done, dickhead