giorge thomas

KOOL-AID: a crying shame

Another instalment of Almost Drank The Kool-Aid… Have always been clumsy. Mum used to apologise. I got that trait from her, apparently. “Dad” used to make fun of my clumsiness, too. Yet he could never understand how I… Read More

KOOL-AID: night-time caller

Another instalment of Almost Drank the Kool-Aid… Is a recluse still a recluse if he receives guests? Enjoying a packet of popcorn for dinner when heard a vehicle approach Landlord’s gates. I guess you could call it nosy,… Read More

KOOL-AID: failure’s new clothes

the next instalment of Almost drank the Kool-Aid…   Not a moment longer could I deny the need for clothes. Might have been the Landlord, if truth be told. Yes, was a little humiliated by my wardrobe. And… Read More