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45 Notes Cover 4 small

‘I stink. High-heaven, stink above all stink, stink. Welcome to London.’

Harriet Small has just arrived in London. She’s here to write a screenplay with the famous ‘M.D’, based on her book, To the North of Nowhere.

Writing this screenplay is a dream for Harry. Almost as much as leaving her home in the impoverished northern suburbs of Adelaide. There’s a lot she’s desperate to get away from.

For now, Harry is happy to live in the moment; and documents her time in London. The result is her notebook; 45 Notes on London.

A novella by giorge thomas.



vase finalBuy

Giorge Thomas’s first collection of poetry is out now. Click here to purchase your copy or search ‘The Vase, Reconstructed’ on your favourite e-reader device.

8 thoughts on “Buy Giorge’s Books

  1. Hi Giorge, I’m usually reading a poetry book and have started yours. Is it listed on goodreads? If not, do you mind if I add it? So I can add it to my list of books I’m reading. Hope you are selling lets of copies. Thanks, Simon


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