Poetry Page

This is a list of poems posted on http://www.giorgethomas.com.

All poems are copyrighted to Giorge Thomas

Literary magazines where Giorge Thomas has been published include: The Cannon’s Mouth, The Mozzie, Nineteen-O-Splash, Polestar Writers Journal, Studio and All Write.


I Am You

The Drugs

My Shell


Lemon Tree


Untouched For You

God’s Country





Red Flamed Flowers

I Wonder



London Town

The Gower



Untouched For You

Leave You at Best

I Made a Boo

Light White

Fob Watch

Misted Sound

Red Tulip Dreaming

21 Comments on “Poetry Page

  1. You completely drew me into the dream, the poem, and the experience – a masterful blend of delicacy and power. Thank you.


  2. Very nice! I would suggest “who” instead of “that” (2 places) in the next to last stanza. ( “Who” for people; “that” for objects.) Old English teachers and haiku poets never die; they just smell that way!

    Respect and Admiration,



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  4. This is just simply fantastic. Poetry is an art I have trouble with, I’ve had two classes with it now. So when I see anyone else write such great stuff, it amazes me. Nicely done!


  5. I have read “Onion Skin”, “Tenacious” and “God’s Country” and so far I like ‘Tenacious” but I will be reading more. I want to thank you for letting me know that you liked “River Congo – Excerpt 16” on writingiam.worpress.com. Thank you and Aloha – pjs.


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