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52 Words was written by Grabbety Covens as part of a 52 word challenge, hence the title. To view more of Grabbety’s exception work, check out his page here.


Her eyes possess a galaxy of stars,
dreaming of discovery;
and I,
the sailor seized in their siren song,
am lost in love;
captured in breathless obsession;
Oh, I would eagerly sail the entirety of my days,
beguiled by their gaze,
upon the waters of her soul;
never a day, wasted.

© 2018 Grabbety Covens

A beautiful, haunting poem on the gripping connection with another by Andrew Maudling. To see more of Andrew’s work, check out his site here.


Her Roots

Walls broken and bricks out of place.
The sound of calling from a far away land.
Ship steam fogging my vision,
Like the smoke before a volcanic storm.
It comes as lightning.
It infects my eyes.
I am blinded by the grace of another being,
Whose heartbeat becomes the very meaning of my existence.
Her mind my meaning.
Our souls conjoined.
An ever-growing numbness clears my head of anxiety.
Her roots wrap around me like tree vines,
And they hang me by my wrists and ankles,
Dangling me above a field of fire,
Supporting me; carrying me over the flames.
She is good;
She is great.

© Andrew Maudling


Hi Guys!

I said it was going to happen, didn’t I? Yes, yes.

So Kool-Aid had kind of taken over my life, but don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about poetry.

I’ve been doing the rounds here on WordPress and have been coming across so many great poets out there — and I want to help you guys out!

The details…

So here it is. Send me through paste your best poem into the contact form down below and I will pick my favourite to read on my Youtube channel. The video will also appear here on — that’s nearly 5000 subscribers (4913 to be exact) who will get to see your work!

To be in the running, like the video below, subscribe to my Youtube channel and send me your best poem. Remember it’ll be read ASMR style, so pick a piece which suits a quiet voice. Yes. I can be quiet. Sometimes. Okay, is very difficult for me but I’m trying really hard!

But wait, there’s more!

I’m feeling extra generous today, so here goes. I’m offering my collection of poetry to be downloaded FOR FREE for anyone who purchases 45 Notes on London

Head to my BUY NOW page for details on where you can get 45 Notes. Once you purchase it, send me the receipt and I will give you a special code to download ‘The Vase, Reconstructed’ by Giorge Thomas FOR FREE!

Wow. That’s a lot of info to take in.

Take a breath. Is fine. Video below of my ASMR reading of two poems by Kevin Powers, plus a contact for where you can send me your best work!

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!


You may be the
bees knees.
Swan about with all
your swoons
display them brightly
by the moon
to disappear will be too soon.

You have a head
that’s full of ego
bright, bearded, flowered fellow
can you see I’m dressed in yellow?
I should have just worn red
that’s the colour of our blood;

Brighten your mood
with others about
spread them ‘round,
they are on show
pretty girls
that you’ll always know
pick which one you want to grow.

She will be your potted flower
water and tend to her greatest power
yet should weeds come along
and ruin her flower…
there will be many more
to choose, but they are
the ones that you will lose.

© giorge thomas



Taken from ‘The Vase, Reconstructed’ by giorge thomas. Purchase here.



Donate to giorge thomas



Donate to giorge thomas


Every now and then
I get this ridiculous notion
That I could be some kind of
Artistic genius, papering the walls
Of our home with my mastery.

So I put pen to paper
Or brush to canvas
Swirling colours of preference
Which are always blue
(I seem to neglect all other colours on the spectrum)
Until an inventoriable
Mess is created, looking more
Like a toddler’s markings
Than that of a middle aged woman.
I stare at my design, unable to fathom
How it is that a masterpiece
Of abstract is so difficult
To create
Until I realise, with some regret,
That I was never meant to be
An artist.

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