52 words

52 Words was written by Grabbety Covens as part of a 52 word challenge, hence the title. To view more of Grabbety's exception work, check out his page here.   Her eyes possess a galaxy of stars, constellations, dreaming of discovery; and I, the sailor seized in their siren song, am lost in love; captured … Continue reading 52 words

Poetry Competition!

Hi Guys! I said it was going to happen, didn't I? Yes, yes. So Kool-Aid had kind of taken over my life, but don't worry, I haven't forgotten about poetry. I've been doing the rounds here on WordPress and have been coming across so many great poets out there -- and I want to help … Continue reading Poetry Competition!

pretty pot plant

You may be the bees knees. Swan about with all your swoons display them brightly by the moon to disappear will be too soon. You have a head that's full of ego bright, bearded, flowered fellow can you see I'm dressed in yellow? I should have just worn red that's the colour of our blood; … Continue reading pretty pot plant


Every now and then I get this ridiculous notion That I could be some kind of Artistic genius, papering the walls Of our home with my mastery. So I put pen to paper Or brush to canvas Swirling colours of preference Which are always blue (I seem to neglect all other colours on the spectrum) … Continue reading masterpiece