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45 Notes Cover 4 small45 Notes on London is available on Goodreads for review! Simply search the title and give a review (I mean, five stars would be great, but, you know, whatever you like!)

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Looking froward to seeing all those stars shining before my eyes!!

And I’ll try not to write another post with so many exclamation marks!!!!

I am very excited that 45 Notes on London will be available for download tomorrow. It’s still up for pre-order, so hit the link below to pre-order on Smashwords or search on your favourite e-reader. There’s already been loads of pre-orders and I couldn’t be more pleased!

For the last Harry-ism before the launch, Harry talks about those feckers who refuse to order entrees when out for dinner. Yes, you know who are…


We had the usual conversation of: are you thinking of having entree?

Are you?

Mmm, I guess.

All right, let’s do entrees.

What about dessert?

Do you want dessert?

Only if you want dessert. Don’t want you to be waiting around, watching me eat.

Okay, let’s have dessert.

Every time the question of ‘are you having entree?’ is brought up, is done so with bated breath. Because there are staunch mains-only people out there in the world. And they’re the people, when out in a group, who’ll give the evil eye to every single entree-ordering person. May even tell entree eaters to ‘hurry up’ or click fingers at waiting staff the second the last plate is finished. Staunch main-only eaters will devour meal in seconds — as hungry after waiting so long for his entree-eating friends to finish — and then complain that the restaurant didn’t serve ‘enough food’ and spends the rest of the night complaining about being hungry.

Cripes I hate mains-only eaters.


45 Notes Cover 4 small

Pre-order now


Thanks to Strange Codex for yet another brilliant London image. Click here to view his blog or check out his flickr here.

It’s here, it’s finally here!

45 Notes on London will be available for download this Friday 15th December 2017.

However, you can pre-order your copy now!

You can hit the link below or search ’45 Notes on London’ on your favourite e-reader device.

45 Notes Cover 4 small

Pre-order now

Or search ’45 Notes on London’ on your favourite e-reader.


*** Thanks again to Strange Codex for my featured image. To see more of his brilliance, check out his Flickr site here.

45 Notes on London – a little more on Harry…

Harry on university types…

Do wonder about these Oxbridge types. Do they arrive at university quite normal but transform into typical student types without conscious knowledge, as if is like a cold or some other virus that has washed over them? Or do they make a concerted effort to become cardigan-wearing students? To play the part? OR are they already such and have gone to Oxford/Cambridge purely to fit in with their own kind?


For more on Harry, download 45 Notes on London. Available 15th December 2017. Ready for pre-order.

45 Notes Cover 4 small

Pre-order your copy now!

With 45 Notes of London coming out in the next few weeks (!!!) I thought I would introduce you to the lead character.

Her name is Harriet Small, known as Harry. The ’45 notes’ are written by her; observations on the city of London and her time there.

In the lead-up to the release of 45 Notes, I thought I’d share some Harry-isms with you. Today we’ll be looking at Harry’s opinion on Cash Converters:

Woken up in middle of night with crash banging sounds. Thought — right, we’re getting broken into. Went for hammer under bed and there was no hammer under bed. Not at home! Fright! But then thought — this is London. Fancy part of London, no less. Am sure criminals are a lot more respectable. Classier. Not just entering home because suspect you have a marijuana crop. Or just coming in to nick something — anything — to sell in order to satisfy meth habit.

No. These criminals would be high-class, looking to steal more than just your Xbox and flat screen TV to sell at Cash Converters. Criminals here would be looking for actual jewellery and not gaudy gold items, probably bought originally at Cash Converters.

(Now when I think about it, there is probably just a handful of jewellery in Adelaide’s northern suburbs but is doing the rounds like library books. Is bought from said Cash Converters: ‘nice. I like how the necklace looks like an actual piece of rope.’ Stolen from a house and then sold to Cash Converters again. Employees are like: ‘that gold rope necklace is back again. How much did we sell it for last time?’

No wonder they are known in local areas as Crime Converters.)


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Heading to the British Museum with Miss 9 for the day #school #project #london

Shout out to @strangecodex for this wonderful London imagery. During the 45 Notes promos I’ll be using all of his images. His work is amazing. You can check out his work on flicker here.


Right. Great news for fiction-lovers out there…

My new book, 45 Notes on London, will be available for download real soon!

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