giorge is…



… a writer. Articles, web content and fiction.

… a poet. Published in literary journals throughout Australia, New Zealand and Britain. Her first collection of poetry is titled The Vase, Reconstructed. It can be downloaded here or search the title on your favourite ebook reader device.

… a social media marketer, working for several businesses in Adelaide, Australia


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Bespoke Poetry



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‘Positive start to a writing career’

East Torrens Messenger 26th March, 2014

122 Replies to “giorge is…”

  1. Hi Giorge, a hardy greeting coming to you from sunny California. If you hadn’t come onto my blog and liked one of my poems, I wouldn’t have known about you or your lovely smile and sparkly eyes. Talk to you later and keep on writing!


  2. Giorge, first I want to say thank you for the “like” on my poem “The Door” on my blog Spill Some Ink Today. Second, I am enjoying reading through your poetry and journal postings peppered with photos. In your poetry, I particularly liked “I Wonder” and “Untouched for You”. In your journal, I can relate to quite a few of them, such as when you pruned/hacked in “Lemon Tree” and the entry regarding your parent’s accident. As for your passion for writing and the time you give to it, like in your 3 a.m. post… well, the notion of writing in the middle of the night is no stranger to me… midnight to 2 a.m. seems to be a common thread as I look through all of my own journals. I look forward to reading more of your works.


  3. Hi Giorge – thank you for visiting and liking my blog. I’ve enjoyed browsing through your writing and will definitely be back! I especially loved your Barrier Reef poem. 🙂 TDx


  4. What is that on your tongue!? Doesn’t look clean looks discussing. They make toothbrushes that scrub food dye, coffee stains & make your tongue look super clean.


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