KOOL-AID: only if you’re famous

Another instalment of Kool-aid…

Not everyone is treated poorly in the church. No one in the beginning. In the beginning there’s such enthusiasm. An excitement at all the church will do to save the world. In the beginning you are itching to get stuck in. Itching to spread the word of this glorious organisation.

It’s so dizzying, you don’t see the signs. But if you’re famous, it’s likely you never will.

The church kisses the arses of the famous. Seeks out celebrities, too. All about good PR. And celebrities are the best PR. As a celebrity, you get anything you want. Need staff? Servants of the church will look after you for free. Need your new film to be number one at the box office? The church will head out in droves, attending cinema after cinema all day long. Tickets will be bought on masse. No cost spared. Because if the celebrity is a success, the church will be a success. It will show the world that success is due to the church. And as a success, the actor will have money to donate to the church.

I guess you’re wondering if I was famous? Not entirely. But he was. They loved him. When we moved to LA, they took care of everything. Found us a house. An interior designer decorated it. Servants of the church kept the house clean, cooked for us, tended to our garden, cleaned our pool. We were treated like a king and queen.

And yes, it does go to your head. No matter how true to yourself you are, no matter how humble, it is easy to be turned by the admiration.

I didn’t work. Didn’t have to. And it gave me time, loads of time to devote self to the church. Got further in my studies than him.

You tend to your studies in private rooms where food and drinks and brought to you. But only if you’re famous.

If you’re famous, most likely you’re rich. And if you’re rich, you can afford all of the “donations” which are expected of you. Can afford all courses, all the clearing sessions.

If you’re not famous, if you’re not rich, then you will try whatever you can to find the money.

And if you can’t — you’ll end up like me.

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