KOOL-AID: night-time caller

Another instalment of Almost Drank the Kool-Aid…

Is a recluse still a recluse if he receives guests?

Enjoying a packet of popcorn for dinner when heard a vehicle approach Landlord’s gates.

I guess you could call it nosy, but by living in what I assume must be the gatehouse, I feel it’s my right to view those coming and going on the drive.

Is usually the Waitrose truck. Perhaps should speak to Landlord about this. Might be better if we coordinate our orders so the poor bastards are not doing two trips.

Yet at seven pm, knew would not be Waitrose truck. Was not. Dark blue sedan, waiting at the gates. Pretty woman. She’d turned on the internal light for some last minute adjustments to her makeup.

Can hear the intercom as clear as day in my bedroom.


‘______, darling, it’s Tasha.’

‘Ah, yes, come on through.’

Feel am not putting her or myself at risk by revealing her name. Maybe I am.

Is she a friend? Something more? Suppose cannot expect Landlord to be without female company just because is recluse.

UPDATE: 8.25pm. Tasha has left. A short visit.

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