KOOL-AID: visit from the cleaners

Another instalment of Almost Drank the Kool-Aid…


They come every Tuesday. A whole team of them in a van. Sometimes they are there most of day, others for a few short hours.

Today, when leaving Landlords gates they pulled up outside of cottage. A young girl got out, knocking on my door.

‘Mr _____ wanted to know if you need us to do your cottage.’

Including bathroom, there are four rooms in total. Hardly beyond me.

Shook head, and gave smile.

‘He’s paying,’ she pressed.

Why? Is not like measly sum of rent could cover cleaner, too.

Come to think of it, shouldn’t I have had an electricity bill by now? Internet bill? Gruff said they were all on the same account and that Landlord would let me know my share. Must speak to him about this. Or at least write to him.

Shook head again. Girl shrugged in response before hopping back in van and taking off with the rest of them.

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