KOOL-AID: i can read!

Hello lovelies! Here is the next instalment of Almost Drank the Kool-aid. Remember, if you want to hit it up from the start, you can do so by following the Kool-Aid link in the menu above.


I love reading. Was always my escape as a child. Haven’t been allowed to read. Well, not for fun. All we read was church books. The same shit over and over again. No real plot. Certainly no sex. Sometimes wish was in Christian or Mormon cult. At least would have stories to read. The problem my church had was there was no hero. You always need a hero. Jesus, now there’s a good hero. But my church? Nada. So was a bit boring, really.

Thank goodness for Mr Gruff. Today I got a package full of books! Postman could hardly lift out of his van. Wasn’t happy with me. Though that might be more to do with fact that didn’t speak to him than heaviness of package. Suspect, as a postman, he’s used to heavy boxes.

Now, while I think of it, can someone tell me what the hell is UK Mail? Is Royal Mail now UK Mail or is UK Mail different from Royal Mail like UPS and other such delivery companies? Would be terribly sad if Royal Mail no longer a thing. Another great British institution privatised. If that is case, are we to see traditional red post boxes disappear? Can’t imagine it.

Is weird coming back to a country and seeing things change. Sometimes is a good thing. Like coffee. Used to be hard to find coffee shop but now they’re everywhere. And coffee half decent! Though maybe I just got lucky with coffee bought at Heathrow and in London.

Have realised the dream I once had for self has actually come true. Back in the day all I wanted was to have small house in the country and sit by fire all day reading. Should be loving it, but of course not. Firstly, can’t get fire lit. Obviously do not have necessary talents. When arrived, Landlord had raging fire going. But I can’t even make it spark. The radiators in cottage are pitiful, really only taking chill out of air so have taken to spending entire day wrapped in duvet. I sleep fully clothed. And am starting to smell. Don’t have washer or dryer in house so have to hand-wash. But because takes clothes so long to dry in next-to-barely warm radiators, am having to wear clothes for three days before others are dry. Have internet. Have money. Would think priority would be to buy clothes. Trouble is, not quite sure what size I am any more. Tags on uniform have faded and, besides, American sizing different to sizing here. Was much smaller when I left. Maybe there is a bit of denial, too? Like, I have idea of what size I may be, but do not want to admit that to self. No, no, no, no.

But yes, have books. Have to pace self, though. Have already read one book today. If keep this up, will be done in ten days. Then what will I do?


In the next instalment…

Kool-Aid finally meets her Landlord. What kind of man will he be? Will she be able to talk about it?

Coming up…

Someone from Kool-Aid’s past catches up with her.



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