KOOL-AID: they’re looking for me

To say I’m scared is a massive understatement.

See, when you’re in the cult, they know everything about you. Your family, your friends.
Gruff had a visit from the cult. Suited bastards, he called them.

Apparently, they are concerned for my safety. Worried about my mental well-being.
Why else would I have left the church unless due to severe mental handicap?

They want to help me. Only they can help me.


Suddenly, being here in the middle of nowhere sounds like a shit idea.

No one close to hear me scream.

Over reaction, you think? You’ve no idea. They always get people to go back.

I remember the stories. Not sure if were true. Maybe they spread them to keep the fear.

But there was a member who had escaped all the way to South Africa. They were found. They were brought back.

It can happen. I just hope not to me.



Thanks for reading another instalment of Almost Drank the Kool-Aid.

Poetry writers — something special is coming for you tomorrow. So if you’re looking to get your poems out to a wider audience, make sure you stay tuned!


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