KOOL-AID: it’s all about the money

So. What happens when you’ve been in a cult for ten years, five of those spent devoted entirely to the “cause”?

You have nothing.

No money. No job. No credit history, no employment experience, no references, probably no family and certainly no friends.

It’s worse, of course, for those who grow up in a cult. Because they don’t know anything else. They believe those stories they’ve been told their whole lives — that the real world is a scary, evil place full of people whose minds are polluted. Those who want to leave often don’t due to fear.

I was lucky. I remembered the world before the cult. Remembered my freedom, and independence. I remembered what it was like thinking for myself.

I am also very fortunate to have someone I could turn to when I left. Not everyone has that.

I have some money. Which came as quite a surprise, really. I thought the cult had taken everything from me. Apparently not.

So for right now I don’t have to worry about finding work. Which is lucky because I am not qualified for anything. Should probably do something about that. An online course maybe? Who knows.

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