KOOL-AID: signs you may be in a cult

Signs plural? No; in my experience, there’s just one sign:

You’re not allowed to use the internet.

Sounds mad, no?

But true. And possible, even in today’s society.

In my “church” internet use was frowned upon. Easy for those of us living on base — we simply were not given facilities to access the internet. No smart phones, no browsers on computers. For those living on the outside, though, it was simply a commandment to be followed.

Is obvious now why we were not allowed online. People are not exactly nice. And, you know, there’s knowledge to be found online. And if we had knowledge, we probably would not believe the bullshit we’ve been told to believe as truth.

It has been the single most devastating thing about all of this. Because seeing what’s out there has made me realise how ridiculous it was for me to believe the church’s doctrine.

Have to remind self again and again I am not alone. Was not the only fool. We’re numbered in the hundreds. Those of us desperate enough, depressed enough, insecure enough to be taken in by such malarky.

Tell me anyone happy with their life who decides to join what turns out to be a cult. Nope, it doesn’t happen. Because happy people are not searching for something more.

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