Welcome to Koolaid

Hello all and Happy New Year!

I am now, officially, a year older (but, apparently, not wiser).

For the last few months I have been writing a blog called Almost Drank the Koolaid, which I will now be featuring here on giorgethomas.com starting tomorrow.

But I have a bit of explaining to do.

So check out the video below, and if you’re not already subscribed to my blog, go and do it now (find the link in the footer) so you can be updated on every new Koolaid post.

I’m really excited about this venture and hope you can come on the ride with me!

12 Comments on “Welcome to Koolaid

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  2. Fingers crossed you don’t get too many negative reactions – I thought the whole project was really interesting – and wonderfully written.

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  3. …I was cat fished by a blog!
    The last few months I’ve wondered if it was real or fake, because you never said either way.
    I really enjoyed your blog, even though landlord isn’t real 😦 great writing,

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    • It’s a good thing landlord isn’t real. I was starting to have a crush on him. 😉. Thank you for understanding. Now you can re-read Koolaid starting tomorrow before finding out what happens next in the story. (Oh, and it’s good. It’s really good.)


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