get your holiday shopping on!

Yup. It’s that time of year. Christmas shopping. For a lot of people (including me) it’s a nightmare.

But don’t despair – I’ve come across some quirky and quite stocking stuffers you’re sure to fall in love with. You can thank me later for making your life easier. Or you could buy me some of the following. I’m not even subtle about it.

Nothing is too pricey, so if you’re looking for a unique gift, these are for you! (or me. I’m being totally serious).



Canvas Coin Purse $4.99

This canvas coin purse is so funky! It comes in various styles and colours, so find your favourite and buy away.coin purse



Shoulder Bag Small $29.99

How cute, how quirky! Love, love this bag. Well; I love all bags. Various colours to choose from.

Look cute this holiday season.

shoulder bag




Selfie Ring Light $9.99

Kim Kardashian wannabes – this gift is for you!

Create the perfect selfie with this little baby. And for someone who has worked in Social Media for years, I can tell you a good photo is all about the light! (At least, that is the excuse I tell myself whenever taking a pic).

Clip it on and away you for for selfie perfection. Look forward to seeing all of your Instagram snaps come to life!

selfie ring



Kitchen/Bathroom Caddy $6.99

Amazing! Love to be organised? Love to be cleaned? Tired of the drip, drip, drip between sink and current detergent storage place? I certainly am. Keep everything right there in the sink. Keep it tidy, and keep it organised. Yes, I am way too excited by this! And yes, I want one!kitchen kaddy



Dream-Catcher watch $39.99

Beautiful. Stylish. And a great price.

feather watch



iPhone Case $9.99

Style it up with this iPhone case. Different colours available.

iphone cover


There are loads more products for you to check out. Let’s hope these can be solution to your Christmas shopping needs!

(oh, and because I’m kind, checkout with the code giorgeweb24 for 10% off your ENTIRE order!)

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