pretty pot plant

You may be the
bees knees.
Swan about with all
your swoons
display them brightly
by the moon
to disappear will be too soon.

You have a head
that’s full of ego
bright, bearded, flowered fellow
can you see I’m dressed in yellow?
I should have just worn red
that’s the colour of our blood;

Brighten your mood
with others about
spread them ‘round,
they are on show
pretty girls
that you’ll always know
pick which one you want to grow.

She will be your potted flower
water and tend to her greatest power
yet should weeds come along
and ruin her flower…
there will be many more
to choose, but they are
the ones that you will lose.

© giorge thomas



Taken from ‘The Vase, Reconstructed’ by giorge thomas. Purchase here.



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