Relationship milestone

Eleven years Mr Thomas and I have been together. Nine years living together. And yet, today was the first time we went furniture shopping together.

Admittedly, we’ve not ever done things by the ‘relationship’ book. As our friends got engaged and moved into marriage, we continued plodding along as boyfriend and girlfriend. Now all of our friends have children and we’re still trying to look after two geriatric cats. We’ll always be that couple people talk about, the ones who don’t have kids and therefore ‘no great purpose’ (oh, yes, it’s been said) but I for one am very happy with our status quo.

So it’s perhaps not surprising we have never gone down the nesting route of home furnishing. Hell, we are even yet to purchase property together. We fell into convenience when we met — me, with a fully-furnished house and Mr Thomas with his handful of wares he had collected since moving to Australia. It worked well. I may have had the necessary furniture but he had the cooking equipment. Before he moved in all I had in my fridge was a bottle of water and a pile of mismatched crockery in the cupboard. I certainly didn’t own a blender, cake tins, baking tray or any of the parifinalia which comes with being a whizz in the kitchen. Until now we haven’t needed for anything.

At present we are in the process of house hunting. And while it is enjoyable all I think about when looking at houses is how out of place my shitty dining setting will look in them. Not only that, two of the chairs are broken and the other four are on the way out. It has served me well for sixteen years but now is the time to move on.

So today I announced to Mr Thomas what a good idea it would be to buy a dining table as an anniversary gift to each other. In May we’ll have been married for five years. Wood is the traditional gift, why not make it something useful rather than a token?

While we agreed almost immediately on a chunky acacia wood number which extends for the rare occasions where we will have more than a few people coming over, we haven’t agreed on the chairs. I’m all for having a complete contrast. Peacock blue metal or such like. Mr Thomas is a traditionalist — I’ll have to work a little harder to convince him a thoroughly modern take is the way to go.

But we’ve done it. Tick. First joint furniture purchase (we have decided that a $99 IKEA bookshelf doesn’t count). And while on the hunt we even found an armchair Mr Thomas thinks will go quite nicely in my new office. When we eventually get a house.

Which we hope will be soon. Otherwise you may just see Mr Thomas and I living on a street corner somewhere in the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide surrounded by a very lovely table but with no actual house. Here’s hoping that isn’t the case!


5 thoughts on “Relationship milestone

  1. I can’t help but smile every time I DO see a picture of you float by on my Reader. Just knowing you are doing okay is just worth al that.
    That and to know I got some fun to read.

    Happy anniversary Big hugs and lots of kisses Missy Thomas. Give A high five to Mr Thomas himself

    Why not do the chairs 50-50 Like some coloured and others traditional or just another (his) colour.
    Juts make them comfy but not to much. You still do not want your dinner guest to stay over night. grin. Reason why some chairs in restaurants are crap. Move it out of there we need more guests.

    Have a wonderful time Missy XX

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  2. Happy anniversary to you both Giorge. You two sure take your time with things which is good. One day some of your friends may look back and lament that the better choice was not having children. 😁


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