Never today

Children ran, baskets swaying
collecting foiled treasures in the garden.
We, enjoying the moments through the screens of our phones,
not really there, simply making sure
we captured the moments to look back on minutes later
as if every day is one big replay,
the record and play, record and play
of our lives.

my savoury harvest…

Sweetness didn’t fit so we instead
harvest mother’s labour,
a basket full of food, a medieval right
long forgotten by many
who trust only plastic-wrapped wares.

Me, trying desperately to enjoy what
is now, instead of worrying of what is tomorrow,
the days I spend in insecurity, wondering
if I am enough. Family should be enough.
Words enough.
Life enough.
But the mood takes me away.
For me, it is always tomorrow;
never today.

©giorge thomas

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5 thoughts on “Never today

  1. Hey there beautiful Missy Thomas.
    Been wondering where you went.. Haha happy to see your smile appear on my reader. (not on Insta)

    Beside that. What deep thoughts. BTW tell Mamma I love the veggies. If only we were more like that.

    If only I could enjoy today
    not look back to yesterday
    and reminisce
    on things done wrong
    or smile to smiles
    long gone
    when today becomes
    tomorrow’s yesterday
    and I missed a whole day
    smiling over yesterday
    and promise that
    we will start living

    Thank you for this inspiration Missy and big hugs from the Crow XX


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