So we’re in Cornwall

Staying in a lovely little village called Charlestown. Apparently they’re filming Poldark – but I’ve not seen one fecking camera.

I’m typing this on my iPhone. Basically, when in wifi area, make the most of it.

Have you all been keeping up on the twitters? (Marian Keyes phrase) or Instagram? Or whatever other fecking social media I’ve chained myself to?

Anyway, so far, in a nutshell:

Driving, driving, photo of moor, photo of hills, driving, photo of beach scenes.

For examples of such, please see included photos. Guess where they were taken because can’t be arsed to caption them. Suffice to say they’ll be photos of the South west of England.

It’s all been lovely by the way.

Remember the hashtag #GTUK2015





2 thoughts on “So we’re in Cornwall

  1. Well you are smiling lovely and that is all that matters. Having fun?
    Looked a bit pale on one picture. Stunning country side as always. I miss that place….

    Have great time and keep on smiling Missy it suits you best.


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