The Keep

Come here with your procrastination
make it start
make it follow the seeds
and revel in the dark.
Be out with short skirts
and stilt shoes
– you look like a gazelle.
Neon dresses shout
‘look at me!’
you want the boys attention.
Clip-clopping under street lamps,
world on a tilt
midriff to air
– you don’t care
you’re here to catch a ride.
Chances are, you’ll wake up
with despair,
head hung with high hair.
Another weekend mistake
yet you’ll put it on repeat
at the end of every week
for the chance of playing princess
for the chance to find the keep.

5 thoughts on “The Keep

    1. We were our in the city the other night, which is rare, and is saw all these girls dressed in the skimpiest outfits, tottering about on heels, helping one another along as if they’d been to war but really they’d just worn the wrong shoes.

      It’s so obvious that they’re not dressing for themselves. They’re dressing in a provocative manner to catch the attention of some guy in some night club and I found it all terribly sad. Because you know those girls are looking to find a bloke who will treat them ‘like a princess’ but they’re going to a night club to search for these guys, so it’ll never happen. So that’s the thoughts behind this one.


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