Poetry Prompt: The Doors

Every time we go away, I always find an interesting door to take a picture of. There’s just something mystical about doors, particularly in old buildings – what’s behind them? Who has walked through them?

Despite my interest in doors, they haven’t yet inspired me to write a poem about these intriguing objects, so I turn it over to you. Pick a door, any door, and write whatever comes to mind. Maybe you’ll be taken by the wrought iron-clad door, found on a church in Oxfordshire, or by its plainer mate… IMG_4291 IMG_4402     Perhaps, like me, you’ll be intrigued by who used this small door by the side of a castle… IMG_4094     Or maybe, you’ll be interested in the life here and now by those who live behind these colourful doors in Edinburgh. IMG_4092     Poem or story, let the creativity flow – perhaps you’ll inspire me!

24 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt: The Doors

  1. Every morning I walk through a door
    And it kicks me on the way out.

    I turn and wonder and am curious
    As to what this is all about

    The door gives me that blank stare
    That tells me to get out and stay out.


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