UK 2014: the rest of the road trip

So this is the last bit of our holiday within a holiday. The great Thomas road trip.

Holy Head
Holy Head

We went to Holy Head, just for the afternoon. You have to watch the tides when going to Holy Head, because it’s only accessible at low tide. Imagine living there! What if you want to nip out to the supermarket, but you can’t, because there’s a load of water in the way? Definitely couldn’t live there. Even though the castle – which is the main attraction – was closed, we walked all the way to it, just to get the view of the sea. Nothing against the castle, but the best thing about Holy Head was a punnet of strawberries I bought. Oh my gosh, the sweetest, juiciest strawberries I have ever had in my life. Amazing.

Alnwick Castle
Alnwick Castle

We then stayed in a town called Alnwick, a lovely little place with a castle that is still inhabited. The first Harry Potter was shot there. We stayed in a place called The Black Swan, a little pub with some rooms above. If you’re ever in Alnwick – stay there. The people are delightful and helpful and the food is really good.



Our next stop was Whitby. Loved Whitby. We stayed there for a night and had dinner on the jetty – the best fish and chips I’ve ever had from the famous Magpie Cafe.


As we journeyed back to Rugby, we stopped in York to see the incredible cathedral. York Minister was so very beautiful. I’ve never seen stain glass as old as in there. The ceiling, too, was remarkable.



We walked through the Shambles, the old shopping precinct in York, where the buildings are so old and wonky it reminded me of Diagon Alley. There was even the same Georgian style building like that of Gringotts Bank. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the set directors on the film found their inspiration from this place.


An incredible eight days. A huge amount of driving, as you can see on the map Mr Thomas marked out. All well worth it. Now to think of where we should go for next year’s road trip. For those of you living in the UK – any suggestions?


5 thoughts on “UK 2014: the rest of the road trip

  1. Next time wow. I would have to say Brecon Beacons, but I think a Welshman would have seen that already. National park in Wales and always beautiful. But that could be to see it on pictures even more lol. I miss that place.

    8 days is a short time for that distance. Well hope you did smile along the way.


  2. Thank you for such an entertaining and informative account of your recent travels, Giorge. Two itineraries come to mind for your future visits – 1) a drive down through Devon and Cornwall to the very tip of Lands End; and 2) a ferry to Ireland and a trip around the Emerald Isle. Both have the same elements you value so much in your recent trip – unique and interesting communities and places; friendly, welcoming locals; and great local food.


    1. Thanks, Tudor! Yes, Devon and Cornwall sound like they’d be right up my alley. I’d love to go to Ireland as well. We’d have to set aside a bit more time, though. And I’d have to keep the husband away from the distilleries!


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