16 thoughts on “We are in Scotland

      1. I’m from the US. My wife and I lived in Scotland for about six months. Fell in love with people and place. It’s in my bones now.

        Interestingly, we lived with a woman from Australia while we were there. Not surprising, really. Australia seems to have a travel-rich culture.


        1. I think it’s just tradition for young Aussies to spend the traditional two years in Britain, given under 30s get special visas to do so.


          1. I missed out, unfortunately. I went a little earlier, at fifteen. I do think it’s important for people to see other cultures, though. It’s good to see there’s another way to live.


  1. Thanks for commenting RC it\’s great that you\’ve joeind in the blog. I wonder if it is easier to make friends in primary school? Can you remember how you made your friends in primary school? What did you do to make friends?


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