I’m not grateful for living without war


Sometimes I like to live in this naive little bubble where I believe war is an antiquated act which doesn’t belong in these modern times. I associate war as what we learnt in history class, or some far off foreign thing that my great grandparents and grandparents had to deal with. My great Aunty Didge was in Japan during the second world war but the thought of that war seemed to die with her. War isn’t a part of my life because it has not in any way affected me personally.

And I shouldn’t be apologetic about that. People will tell me that I should be lucky to grow up in a time where war doesn’t affect me. That I should be thankful that I haven’t witnessed war first hand. That I should be grateful.

My answer to that is – fuck off.

Why should I be grateful or thankful? Why should war be something that I fear will ‘one day happen’ to me? Why does war even have to exist in this day and age?

War should be this thing that happened long ago when we were all naive and stupid and egos swelled to such a degree we all had to get out guns, declaring ‘mine is bigger’ in order to feed our own self-satisfaction. War is not of today.

I shouldn’t feel guilty about not living in time of war because war in itself should not exist. It shouldn’t be something I would ever need to contemplate, sitting here in my little house in Adelaide.

I nanny part time and have a niece and nephew. I shouldn’t have to explain to them why a plane was shot down in Ukraine or why missiles are being traded in some sickening game of tennis in Israel. The worst thing is, I can’t explain it, because I don’t understand it.

I’ve tried and tried and read and read about all the goings on in Israel/Gaza and can still not comprehend why they’re bombing the shit out of each other. People have tried to simplify it by saying it’s a ‘religious’ war, but that answer confuses me even more, and makes me angrier. Why would any one of faith, of religion, who believe in the love of God (or Allah, or whoever their higher power is) have any desire to kill another? Why is love not their driving force?

Perhaps it’s my naivety or low intelligence (I’ve no qualms in admitting that my IQ is astonishingly low) but I simply cannot comprehend the conflict in Israel. I understand, to a certain degree, that two apposing parties are fighting over a territory. But haven’t they been fighting over this territory for years and years now? If the kids I look after were fighting over, I don’t know, who got to use the computer, do you know what I’d do? I’d take the bloody thing away from them. If you can’t play nicely, than neither of you will play.

My simplistic view of how to end a war comes from a place of utter peace. It comes from a life where war has no place and don’t you dare try to tell me how fortunate I am because living without war should never be ‘fortunate’ it should be ‘normal.’ It should be a right to every human being.

So while I can acknowledge the heartache and hardships suffered by millions of people around the world right now who are living in war, there’s a part of me which is defiantly wondering ‘why should I have to?’

Why should anyone have to acknowledge the atrocities of war? Why should anyone have to experience it, live with it, suffer in it?

Why is peace a hope and not a reality?

Why am I considered lucky?


15 thoughts on “I’m not grateful for living without war

  1. This a refreshingly honest post. Why indeed does our sense of well being come down to a game of chance depending on what part of the globe you were born on. As a race, we’ve not learned a thing about the pointlessness of war. Instead, people removed from the horrors of it try to come up with ways to up the ante so their “side” can be the victors. But in spite of any momentary victory, it would seem that there are only losers in war. There is so much here to think about.


  2. Wow, this is powerful writing, Giorge. I can’t disagree with you at all either. Love is the most powerful thing in this universe as far as I am concerned. I also believe the devil and demons are keeping these people at each other’s throats. It is a religious war with roots going back to Bible times. Oh, thanks for commenting on my nutty posts!!


  3. Very, very well said Giorge. Absolutely. The problem isn’t what answer we give, but which questions we respond to. War, for most people still, is not insane, ludicrous, the work of idiots. To ask why is to pretend there could be an answer.


  4. Direct and thought provoking piece.

    All some of us can be grateful for is we are in some place where war is not happening, but as you point out all that does is create guilt and confusion. Add to that, you or someone you know can become an unintended casualty of war ( as opposed to an intended casualty ) – just minding my own business when the vacation turned into a target practise range for idiots & zealots.

    As for the meaning & moral quagmire of Gaza’s Neighbourhoods of Death & Destruction, you may find this post of interest.



  5. You sure should be grateful that you haven´t experience war I´ll tell you that. Although on the other hand I don´t regret it, just part of life or my life, another experience and it´s in the past. Ask why would any young twenty year old would want to experience war, that´s a question I sometimes ask myself. I do have the answer though.

    About that Israel Gaza thing, I´m going to bore you to death with this!

    There has never been a country for the Palestinians. That land was conquered by the Romans and the Romans named it Palestine. They did kick all the Jews out or killed them or try to convert them to Christianity. So over centuries and centuries that patch of land that still has the name Palestine has been conquered by different countries, most of the time by their own Muslim friends. It had been Egypt, and other middle eastern countries who took that land. And the up to the most recent time just after WWII finished it was part of the U.K, the Brit´s where the conquerors of that land. Eventually after the world seeing that the Jews , let say had it a little difficult and that they wanted to return to what is originally their homeland. The League of Nations, or what we call now the United Nations, (I prefer to call it United to do Nothing, I don´t know why people look at the U.N as if it was this great body of moral standards and that we should follow, but that´s a whole other argument)well the U.N after WWII decided to part that territory in half. 53% to Jews and the other remaining percent to Muslims or Palestinians, what happened after the State of Israel was finally official? 5 Muslim countries went to war with Israel in less than a month after the U.N declared the State of Israel as an official legitimate State. Israel won the war, this time they said, nope, we aren`t going to be sitting in camps waiting to be gassed. So since the mid part of the last century muslim countries have had and said they want to destroy the State of Israel, the 7 day war was I think in 1967 around the late 1960´s anyways, and again 4-5 muslim countries went to war against a country which has a population of 8 million people. 8 million Jews. Quite astonishing how few they are and how resiliant they are.

    Now, Gaza you say, Gaza is a patch of land that is governed by two entities. One being the official or semi official government which is not included in the international terrorist list and then there is Hammas, the terrorist. Who are included are classified as a terrorist group and their goal is quite simple “Kill jews, destroy Israel, period”

    On a larger geopolitical scale, the general assumption is that since Hammas is funded and trained by Iran(where do you think they get those rockets from?) and Iran is now under scrutiny because of they´re potential to almost having the Atomic weapon, the assumption is that Iran has told this terrorist group “you guys make some noise over there with the Israel guys so the worlds attention is there and they are not looking at us, because we are about to finish our Atomic weapons and we don´t want too many headeaches from the international community” So it´s a distraction really from Iran. And I might add that the missiles launched at Israel are launched from from schools, hospitals, mosques, and even the U.N had to hand out missiles out to the terrorist so they U.N could treat the civilians there. It´s a typical tactic designed by the terrorist who are not dumb, and they know that if they use civilians as shields by launching their missiles from dense populated areas they know Israel will respond and it is unnavoidable for there to be civilian casualties which is what the terrorist want since they know that way Israel looks bad in front of the international community. Plus I should add that Hammas, the terrorist would not let the civilians get out of their homes, they want their own people dead in order to accomplish basically a win in a propaganda war. All you saw was pictures of dead kids and more dead kids by Israel´s counter attacks and that feeds perfectly into the terrorist hands.Plus the goal of Israel in this case was to destroy a network of tunnels which went on for miles and miles into the State of Israel and in those tunnels the terrorist stored weapons and missiles. Maybe a Koran too. The estimates is that they did destroy about over 30 tunnels, that was a clear objective.

    There will always be wars, that´s a certainty as certain as that you me and everybody will die someday. That´s the only certain thing in life, death. As well as wars, and there will always be for the most part young men and women who sign up to do that kind of job. I wanted to be tested and I got tested. So that shit of world peace and no wars, is just simple bullshit. Ofcourse it would be great if there weren´t any wars, but since that is as likely to happen as when I see a pig flying it´s just better have young people trained and ready to do the dirty work. And realise that some soldiers will die, that is another fact. And civilians will die too that´s just another fact, both facts that you can´t get around it.

    So that´s that, hopefully I didn´t put you to sleep.


    1. Not sleeping!

      I have read a lot about how Hammas don’t provide their people with shelters as the Israelies do and that civilian casualties ‘benefit’ their cause because it makes Israel look like bastards for killing women and children. We don’t see as many Israel casualties because they have air raid sirens and shelters for their civilians – so it seems one side their is fighting a dirty, horrible fight by allowing their people to be killed.

      But then, on the other hand, America is once again handing over weapons to Israel as they did at the end of July while saying publicly that Israel needs to stop their attacks. That’s the kind of shit I don’t get.

      I wrote this piece from a consciously naive stand point – I don’t know war, I shouldn’t have to ‘know’ war and nor should anyone. Isn’t that ignorant, fanciful thought a great one? Living in a world with peace? Do I realise that the chances of that are nil? Yes, but it’s nice to hope.

      Yes, there will be war (damn it). I’m not in any way having a go at soldiers here. The men and women who fight for our country should be championed. They should be celebrated and supported and never suffer the back lash the young men returning from Vietnam did. But wouldn’t it be nice if they never had to go?

      Thank you for your input, Charly. As always, you were informative and justified in your opinions.


  6. very well put and agree with you on this….reminds me of the movie “The Americanization of Emily” starring Julie Andrews and James Garner. It is filmed in the background of ongoing war and the views of the hero on war, James Garner, are worth listening.


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