A (Love?) Song

A little song for you. Sing along to your own tune, enjoy in silence. A song, after all, can be silent.
© Giorge Thomas   (seriously. I created this shit on my iPad)
© Giorge Thomas seriously. I created this shit

Do you see me

As I stand here

Waiting for a moment

Never one to appear


Do you know me?

Do you understand?

All the things in my mind

That I want to disappear



Is what you wanna hear


You’ll never get near


When I am here

Lost in my mind

You are standing over there

Thinking of a different kind


Am I not known?

Am I misunderstood?

You should never have to asking

Everything you wish you could



Feel like I can’t breathe


Why can’t you see me?


There is truth

That I see so clearly

There is life, so much life

That I love so dearly





Is not enough for me


I want to break free

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