Response From Campbelltown City Council (Oh Yes!)

Oh no! After my ‘humorous’ open letter to the Campbelltown City Council (read here) the council have sent me a serious reply!

You can see it in the comments on the post. Some poor bugger took the time to explain the idea behind the Pizza Festival.

Kudos for Campbelltown – they’re not going to let any snide comments pass them by. Even in a satirical letter.

As you can see by their comment, the pizza festival is more than just ‘advertising eateries.’ Apparently, people are coming from the other side of town to enjoy our pizzas.

What? Non-locals in Campbelltown? What an outrage! They’d be the ones who know how to navigate a roundabout. Who, when putting on their left indicator, actually turn left instead of right. I’m not sure if I want these uppity folks in my neighbourhood.

Also, when at said pizzerias, one can make their own pizza. Good idea, Campbelltown but Kramer got their first.

Having said all that, at no point did Campbelltown actually say my pizza frisbee idea was a good one.

I so hate when my genius is overlooked.

Thank you Campbelltown for still being the best council district I’ve ever lived in!!

10 thoughts on “Response From Campbelltown City Council (Oh Yes!)

  1. I think your Pizza Frisbee idea is great Giorge. I love Pizza and enjoy Frisbee so it seems like a natural thing to do.

    Be careful what you say about the influx of out of towners. The council might take that seriously too and comment to this post as well. LOL


    1. My sister has recently moved into the area temporarily and was explaining to me with shock the driving skills of the locals. She was quite outraged, and I had to explain that it is normal. Approaching roundabouts in this neighbourhood is an act of fear and hilarity. I am sure the council is well aware of this, and have probably added said roundabouts for their own amusement.


      1. LOL. Another good thing about living in the states. Very few roundabouts.I spend enough of my life seemingly running in circles. Yes I also think that traffic ideas such as the roundabout, and the seemingly reasonless places where 4 lanes become 2 lanes exist only to provide amusement for the highway planning commission. And I am NOT a conspiracy theorist. LOL


    1. It saddens me that my dog passed away last year for he will never see the pizza frisbee. He would have had a whale of a time licking it up of the porch. Let’s face it – my chances of catching said pizzas is nil.


  2. Roundabouts have become more common in the States in the last ten or so years. My experience is that there are those whom despise and fear them, and others like me who understand how they work and love how much faster they are than a stupid traffic light. A brilliant idea that should have been adopted many more years ago.There are several in Las Vegas. Toss me a pizza please? Dinner time!!


  3. I am so laughing Missy.
    They were testing the waters, Pretty bold with a festival that is more of an advertisement. And they be the first to with something like that.
    They are trying. And willing to take some of your ideas to next year. You should be in council.
    Thank you for the smiles Missy and Campbelltown

    Yeah I now dub today pizza day.


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