Not Giving Narnia To Me

For five years
I was locked in a wardrobe.

There was no Narnia
On the other side

Just moth balls,
And the deep, controlling dark.

The lion was no Aslan
— He was a Leo.

Damn you, Leo.
Damn you for making it

All about you
And never about me.

Damn you for controlling
And abusing me.

Damn you for not letting
Me be free.

Damn you
For throwing away that key.

Damn you
For not giving Narnia to me.


vase final

Taken from ‘The Vase, Reconstructed’ by Giorge Thomas. Available for download at Smashwords or search on your ebook reader.

14 thoughts on “Not Giving Narnia To Me

  1. Really, really good poem and message. You speak for the wounded masses in a concise and touching way. Thank you for sharing this gem.


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