Giorge Loves… Leather Anniversary

So next week is our three year wedding anniversary. Leather. Have no idea what I’m going to get Mr Thomas. He’s already told me pointedly that he has a back-log of wallets. Probably because he is using the same tattered, pathetic module he’s been using pretty much since we got together. Actually, I think it once belonged to me. Tried to buy him a new one, did do, but it’s still lying in its box somewhere. Mr Thomas comes from the ‘use it until it breaks’ school of thinking.

Have been giving hints of what to buy me, though. ‘Mr Thomas, my handbag here, see how it’s made of leather?’ ‘Oh look, the leather has worn on my handbag!’ That kind of thing.

I know it’s actually because I’m having withdrawals. I’ve not bought a handbag for ages because my bank account won’t allow it, and I’m rather missing that new-bag excitement.

And no, Mr Thomas, the shopping bags we are required to purchase at the supermarket do not count!

I’ve been trawling the designer sites in a dreamy state, narrowing my top three bags I’d purchase if I had the funds. Or if my husband saw this and thought he’d like to ‘surprise’ me.

(Note: is too late for orders to the following designers. While each have excellent shipping terms, the bag will still not get here until after our anniversary date. However. Will accept ‘belated’ gift.)

Mulberry Oversized Bayswater

Photo courtesy of Mulberry
Photo courtesy of Mulberry

Have waited years for this bag. Something between the ginormous Piccadilly which, even with my penchant for large bags is a little too large for me and the standard Bayswater.
LK Bennett Jessica Leather Tote

Photo courtesy of LK Bennett
Photo courtesy of LK Bennett

Absolute love affair with LK Bennett ever since I picked up their Emeline Shoulder last year in London.
Aspinal of London Brook Street Bag

Photo courtesy of Aspinal of London
Photo courtesy of Aspinal of London

The queen of all double-zipped bags. I love it. Just to be clear; I wouldn’t get it in this colour. I abide white in any of its forms. Tan Ostrich? Chocolate Croc?
Lovely, lovely bags. Sometimes, late at night, when I’m finished with the writing, I sit down with my laptop trawling handbag sites, going to bed with dreams of the lovely bags. Which would mean that yes, I’m a materialistic so-and-so.

The thing is, though – if you really think this is a shout out to Mr Thomas, letting him know which of the lovely things I covet I want him to buy simply because we’ve managed to make it three years without signing divorce papers, you are mistaken.

I’ve blogged about handbags because my life is so boring, I’ve nothing else to talk about it.

Still. They’re quite pretty, don’t you think?

8 thoughts on “Giorge Loves… Leather Anniversary

  1. I would or could sound sofemcrow righ now. but the third would come first than the black and last the LT but hey that is me.

    Boring why say that. Lovely to hear from you. To know you are writing. there are dreams no matter how silly. even the once where you want to rob a bank.
    And even though you might not be able to share your writing yet. it is by all means not boring.
    So keep on smiling Missy Thomas. Dream of the baggy heaven and enjoy your writing.
    And you are hoping he reads this 😛


    1. I’m surprised you’ve not made some comment on leather accessories for third anniversaries! I’m sure your characters do a lot more with leather than wear it on their arm.

      Just so you know – am systematically working my way through your posts since I was last on here. Man, you write a lot! I may only have a chance to hit that pesky like button but please know I’m appreciating everything you have posted!


      1. Well I could have but i wanted to keep it clean.
        I could still suggest a character using her back to kick some ass.
        See almost there.
        Pull it over their heads and zip it.

        ha ha

        I am just very happy to see you smile.and doing okay


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