It’s Time I Come Out

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I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to go on without revealing to you all who I really am.

It’s not that I’ve been lying, but I’ve certainly been living a lie by not revealing the truth to you about who I am. So here goes.

I, Giorge Thomas am… Straight.

Wow. It felt so good to get that out.

I know a lot of people don’t believe this, but I really do feel I was born straight. I know what those haters out there will say, ‘you’re not born straight, you choose to be straight.’ But I really didn’t choose this at all. This is me. It’s who I’ve always been, and nothing I can do – therapy, aversion therapy, medication – none of that will ever stop me being the person I was born to be: a heterosexual.

I was sure of my sexuality at a very young age, even if I didn’t know what the feelings I was having meant. When I played with my Barbie doll, she would always marry Ken, they’d set up home together (a shoebox) and I would slap them together in an action I thought was tantamount to sex. When I was six years old, I had my first serious crush on a boy. He actually wasn’t a boy, he was a man. His name was Peter and he was a family friend, and even though he was an adult, I was sure we would one day get married.

I fancied boys all through primary and high school. I had the odd kiss here and there but it never went any further than that. I know what my detractors would say to this. That this shows I wasn’t really straight. I couldn’t have been if I didn’t have sex with them. That I was perhaps simply ‘confused’ as a youth. Yet who says you need to have sex with someone to know you are attracted to them? Why is sex always the be all and end all in a relationship? Why is it used as definitive proof as to whether someone is gay or straight?

I have been with my husband for nine years. It’s easier for me than others, I know, because I can have someone who can support me through all of this. Those who are single don’t have that person to reassure them. They don’t have that ‘proof’ that they really are heterosexual.

I can’t imagine living my life any other way. I am who I am and nothing can change that. I just hope that one day I can live in a world where my own sexuality doesn’t matter to anyone else. I just hope one day I live in a world where I’m not identified by who I am attracted to.

I just hope that one day people like Ellen Page shouldn’t have to ‘come out’ like I have just done. Because why the hell should it matter if we’re gay or straight? We are people. We love. Nothing else is of consequence.

28 thoughts on “It’s Time I Come Out

  1. Praise God! Thank you so much for coming out of the closet! More of us need to do this and let the whole world know we are straight. God is blessing those of us who do stand up for marriage between a man and a women. Thank you for your bravery. God bless you and your hubby!


        1. That it shouldn’t bloody matter that I am straight! That I shouldn’t have to ‘announce’ it. Just like gay people shouldn’t have to announce that they are gay. It shouldn’t matter what our sexuality is, that we’re all human, that we all love. That is the most important thing.


          1. My sarcasm was indeed there but only in the aspect that you were saying the same things we have had to listen to from the non straight side of sexuality. I do however respectfully disagree. It does bloody matter in the eyes of God, not man. Thank you for your response! God bless!


          2. We all have the right to disagree on things in life, and how we interpret things. Hopefully, however, we can all agree that love is the most important thing!


  2. Great job! That anyone feels the need to justify who they are is appalling. And your post really challenges this idea. Why does anyone have to put themselves on stage for (dis)approval and judgment. Judging people based on them being true to themselves is one of the saddest commentaries on our society.


  3. Haha Giorge, you beat me to writing a similar blog. I deeply admire Ellen Page as an actress and a person (and I fancy her a little bit too.) For years I’ve had to deffend Page when people would say she was gay because of her casual duds.

    I told my parents i was bisexual when i was 17 after falling IN LOVE with a girl. My tory parents refused to believe it and told me i was just experimenting. My mum especially said she wouldn’t care how happy i was it was un-natural. That girl put me off having another relationship with a woman because it was toxic. She pushed my buttons, made me hysterical and would turn emotions on and off. I went out with guys after that because i felt they were more simpler creatures, there was no mixed emotions, everything was logical and i swore off women after that.

    Ellen helped me because i was trying to come to terms with how i felt about gay marriage. I was neither for nor against it. And i felt like i SHOULD have an opinion either way. As my heroine has now announced she is gay it is a step towards me embracing that diversity again. And if Ellen Page ever comes to Scotland, I’ll make sure she knows where to find me 😉

    But yes i completely agree in this day and age, coming out should still not be a ‘thing’.


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m sorry that your parents were no more understanding about your situation but at times we just have to accept our parents for who they are and hope they will one day be willing to do the same for us. I hope that you one day find love with a respecting and loyal partner and hope you will not be turned off by either sex just because of a few wankers who spoil it all. Sorry to get all religious on your arse but God bless you and God bless those like you. God bless anyone who has the courage to live a true life and be authentic to themselves, no matter who they are or what they believe. Your comment has really made my night.


  4. You’re welcome Giorge 😀 I am engaged to a wonderful guy who accepts me tendencies and we are planning on being we’d in 2016. He knows my huge crush on Ellen Page and still wants to marry me 😀 Goodnight and God bless xx


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