You have riddled me

With anxiety.

Have stripped

Bare flesh off

Clean bones

Minced it together

With Greed and manipulation.


I cannot feed a city

Nor state, or country

So give me back my raw flesh

And dignity, please.

Give me back soft skin,

Rosy cheeks,

Joy and desire.


You can take


You can wear it

Like the no-longer


Mink coat.

For you it is a perfect fit.


It covers your yellow skin.

No one could eat, chew

Or swallow you.

You are unappealing and cannot feed me.

I have suffered such starvation

That your yellowed skin will produce

No nutrients for me.


I need full flesh, rosy flesh

Clean flesh.

For I am clean

Despite your attempts to tarnish me.

Rattle your bones, you’re well over-due

Out of date, expired.

You’ve gone off, too.

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