It Has Been Too Long

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By now I’m sure you’ve all forgotten me. Don’t worry, I still exist. (In truth, it is me that is worrying, probably not you)

I have been working feverishly on my poetry manuscript, and unfortunately, I seem to want to change everything I’ve written before, so the poems I finally produce may be very different from those I originally wrote. That is either a good thing or a bad thing – I have either created something beautiful or edited the poems to an inch of their life so the finished product will be no more than a single word on a page.


Hopefully, that is not the word I choose.

It has also been very hot here. I’ve not wanted to talk about the heat for it seemed whenever I logged onto Facebook, my friends were giving me minute-by-minute updates on the temperature. Ah, yes, I know. I’m living in this stifling heat, you don’t need to tell me.

But it was all very terrible. Not only did we have to live through the fear of bush fires (Mother Nature’s cruel joke, giving us a rainless lightning storm in the middle of the heatwave) but we were not given any rest bite. The nights were not cool. In fact, one night it was still 36 degrees at two in the morning.

I have also suffered a terrible kind of rash from the heat, thanks to gravity’s curse. Not wanting to get too graphic, let’s just say that too-large breasts, no longer as perky as they once were (I now fail the pencil test) is a perfect breeding ground. So not only was I hot, but I was sore as well.

The thought of picking up the computer to see you all was too much for me; I’ve spent the week avoiding anything that gives off the slightest bit of heat. Which means of course, poor Mr Thomas was left at arms length, along with the cats. I’ve been sounding like some crazed person as I frequently screech, ‘don’t touch me!’

I’m off this morning to have a massage, a gift from my lovely sister. The hope is I’ll be relaxed and happy when I return. Unless, of course, I spend the entire time apologising to the masseuse for my bloated form. Which I probably will.

Pop back in a few hours, as I promise a new poem!



13 thoughts on “It Has Been Too Long

    1. Unfortunately, our blasted heat here in Adelaide tends to last right until the end of March.

      I can’t remember what day it was, but Adelaide was officially the hottest city in the world! At least something came out of the heat!


        1. Unfortunately, no. Being in the south means we’re hot, hot, hot and the heat is dry. Melbourne is a little more south so they have cooler winters, but they get the heat just like we do, though not to the same degree.

          South Australia is mostly desert. We’re definitely what you call ‘outback.’ Once you get half way up the country, you get into the more humid climates. The Northern Territory is quite tropical; they have a dry season and a wet season.

          And so ends your geography lesson.


  1. I did not forget you. Was just hoping you was doing well or at least managed. and yes mother nature is cruel indeed. including gravity but I am not complaining 😛
    Keep smiling and hope the cool weather or at least some rain may come your way
    Do miss your poetry


  2. Sad to hear you’ve been suffering heat rash, I know exactly what you mean, being a redhead — our skin often rashes up in awkward places. So happy to hear you have been working on your poetry book. Yeah!


    1. Chemists often ask if I’m a natural redhead because of my skin tone! Pale skin is great, just not in super hot climates. I was walking around at the cricket with an umbrella the other day and everyone thought I was mad. Only Asian women do that over here.


      1. I have a huge sun umbrella, and I bring it to my son’s games. I love it!! Otherwise I’ll burst into flames some summer on a sideline somewhere, and there will just be a little paragraph in the paper: Little Known Fairy Tale Writer Spontaneously Combusts at Son’s Soccer Game.

        Someone recently asked me if I dye my daughter’s hair. She’s 4. Are you kidding me? Are there people who dye the hair of their 4 year olds? That’s so not right.

        LOL, Brenda


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