Giorge Loves… Handbags!


Like, really, really, really love them. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise, it’s right there in my site description. Bag-fanatic.

I’ve a lot of handbags, I’ve talked about that a lot. More than that, I love looking at handbags. Hours and hours of internet viewing, eyes-popping, mouth drawling. I’ve already talked about my love of Aspinal here. Yet I want to talk a lot more about handbags, and because I didn’t want to subject those of you who are not handbag fanatics like me, I thought I’d do it somewhere else. My own private handbag sanctuary.

So pop on over to Carry This Bag to get your fix, and tell your friends (probably your female friends will be the most interested).

A brief introduction post so far, but there will be regular articles on my favourite bags, for all occasions.

Hope you enjoy!

Check it out here: Carry This Bag

19 thoughts on “Giorge Loves… Handbags!

  1. Well I won’t argue with you that the handbag is the most visible and important fashion accessory out there. Though most would also have their shoes paired up with a bag or vice versa if you a shoe fanatic.


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