My beauty has been stripped.

Layers of my self have shed

like a lizard or a snake’s skin

or that outer, hardened layer of an onion.

I am the middle,

back to the place, five years ago.

It is always five years

I wish one day

to look back five

and not have that self

look back at me.


I want a new self

a strong self

like the outside onion,

not the soft core.

Yet now that I’m stripped

it will take years

before my hardened skin is back.

I will let it grow thick

and cover me whole.

Though every time I do,

it is stripped again.

Why must I keep going


It is the cycle of

my life, this skin.

The onion, never whole.

Plant me in the ground

for five more years

and please,

let me grow.

© Giorge Thomas

‘Onion’ Published in The Cannon’s Mouth Issue #27

34 thoughts on “Onion

  1. Being through life challenges can make us lose energy and “shedding our layers”. We are so worn out after years of battle and needed a rest. After a good rest, we are recharged feeling much better than before and yet it is back to the battlefield again, and this cycle goes on and on.

    Thanks for the beautifully written poetry that I could closely relate it to life. 🙂


      1. you are good poet. i really like your poem. i also write the poems. but in hindi language.
        you put deep words in this poem. great effort.


  2. Always been partial to Redshine, or Redwing. In five years a lot of flavour can develop, bet you’ve grown in many different ways, just need to look back on the colours, to find the tastes have emerged. For sure, book this ones ink upon a page..


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