Unhappy Childhood? Yes, According To These Photos

photo 1

Definitely not a true representation, though. Yet these are the expressions worn in every one of our childhood photos. My sister Elle always looked happy and confidant, while I always looked uncertain and dare I say it, insecure.

Seriously. Look through the stash of family photos and in each one Elle’s always giving the camera a smile while I’m glancing at it wearily, brow furrowed.

Was my childhood so terrible that I couldn’t even smile for the camera? And how is it that I looked so miserable while my sister so happy?

Ah, you think I’m exaggerating. Definitely not.

Another photo, another grumpy-arsed expression. My sister, meanwhile, is looking delirious. The thing is, this was taken on my birthday. Shouldn’t I have been all happy-faced and gleeful while Elle was miserable – jealous due to all the presents and attention I was getting.

photo 2

What about this one. Here, someone, and I’ve a fair idea it wasn’t our parents, thought they’d dress us up as what, I don’t know. Perhaps that’s why I look uncertain. Elle, it seems, was happy to go with the flow.

photo 3

Of course, there were times when I was neither uncertain or unhappy. Sometimes, I was just down-right pissed off.

photo 4

And Elle, once again wearing her angelic smile.

Why was she so damn happy all the time? Ironically, these photos are quite a clear representation of the people we became as adults. Elle; the eternal optimist, always happy. Me; uncertain and insecure, wearied by life.

I will say this, though: we were both very cute.

15 thoughts on “Unhappy Childhood? Yes, According To These Photos

  1. Could it simply be you didn’t want your sister in your picture, I know I had that with my little sister, who always stole the show 😦
    But so funny, still love that little sister of mine who called me her shitty brother she hated so much.


    1. When you’re the youngest, like me, the elder sister/brother is always there from the beginning so I don’t think there was a jealousy aspect. It was probably simply because I didn’t want my photo taken.


  2. You are beautiful! Seems the older child is always more confident and younger more reliant, sometimes on Big Sis. Lovely post.


  3. Some kids love having their pics taken. Others? Well, others hate it. Then again, it could be your sister was squeezing your hand too tightly and that was your reaction. And, of course, when it comes to psychology, what do I know!


  4. You were a very cute kid I must say. As people grow they change and sometimes they always remain the same. Childhood of any kid is of great importance.


      1. I preach nothing. My point may be too arcane, that is, perhaps your sisters happiness is a derivation of an external focus versus your internal focus. The Latin would roughly translate turned in on itself instead (of) turned out from itself. This is a trade off for the poet.


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