If my blood was to run

In your veins

Would it poison you?

Would it set your desires

So low,

That the blood

There congealed;

Cold and heavy?


If my breath filled your lungs,

Would you cough and splutter

From the poison there?

Would it develop

Purple clouds of smoke

To clog your mouth

So that you may

Never kiss another?


If my skin

Was to cover your flesh

Would you itch as I do?

Would the bugs

Crawl underneath,

Decaying your skin,

So that you are

Left scarred and ugly like me?


If my hair was to grow from

Your scalp, would it strangle you?

Would it tangle

Its way to your

Brain, disturbing every

Bitter thought I had

Placed there, until

The craziness took hold?


If my nose

Replaced yours

Would you smell

The scent of my fear?

Would you know, like me,

That death awaits…

Just another beat

Of the heart.


… My heart;

Cold and shrewd.

Would you replace

Yours with mine

To know how despair feels?

How it breeds contempt

Until every last breath

Beats away at your soul?


If my feet replaced yours

Would you stumble and fall?

Would you lose

Your balance

And fall flat

On your face

Destroying whatever

Beauty you had left?


If your brain

held my thoughts

Would they corrupt you?

Or would you finally

Understand what it

Was like to not know,

To never know

And never be able to explain?


If my


Spilled from

Your mouth

Would they whisper

Words of love

Or shout



If I were you

and you me

Would we finally understand?

Would you know without knowing

Hear without listening,

Speak without talking

And love without hating?

I wonder…


© Giorge Thomas

32 thoughts on “I WONDER

  1. Hmm. Such dark words from such a beautiful woman. Come into my studio and I will make you a nice cup of tea to settle your soul.


  2. Is this really that dark? Have you ever found yourself in the depths of your blackened soul and needed to use something – words even – to crawl your way out?


    1. It’s not dark, not hopeless. The heart is a funny thing in that in despair it seeks answers from those who have none from those who are the root of that despair. Spring is upon you – go out, look up into the sky and feel the sun’s warmth caress your face 🙂


  3. This is great. If I interpret this correctly, we all have an element of poison that does infect others as you describe. Are you by chance a U2 fan? Joshua Tree maybe? Curious.


    1. Nope, not a U2 fan.

      My poetry is confessional poetry, I guess, and comes from a place deep within me that I don’t even recognise. I am never fully conscious when I write a poem. That is, I don’t decide I’ll write about a particular theme before I sit down. I certainly have the ‘urge’ to write it, and only know of it’s content once it is finished. There is, of course, revision and editing involved.

      When I look at ‘I Wonder’ I get the sense that is about the destructiveness of relationships. About giving yourself to someone when you yourself are distorted and fractured. It is also about trying to get your partner to understand you as a person, all your faults laid bare on the table.

      What is ironic about this is that I consciously never want to reveal myself to anyone to such a degree, yet I guess in my poetry I’m screaming out to do so.


      1. It is interesting to hear about how you write, your words so clearly express how I write as well. This piece is dark but it is wonderfully stated regarding how curious we are if another would be able to step into our soul to ( where they could, if they wanted to) completely understand us. Even if we could bare our soul to someone including every dark hidden recess, no one would completely understand us unless they had experienced everything we had in the exact same way with all our history and all our thoughts. They may come close but their own experiences would color that understanding, and thus, the poison which spreads and spills throughout your poem.


      2. I think what you are describing is the nature of poetry, at least it should be. My poetry is always ‘coded’ with something; either past otr current. Great job at any rate.


  4. I recently came across your blog after you liked my blog post. Thank you for that by the way! But I was immediately intrigued by your poetry. This one has a dark tone but as the poem finishes in the last lines the tone softens to one of wonder and curiosity. I really liked that transition because it ends the poem not dark, but with another way of asking a commonly asked question, “If you walked a mile in another persons shoes would you understand?” It was powerful and very well written.


  5. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic
    to be actually something that I think I would never understand.

    It seems too complicated and very broad for me.

    I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!


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