A Pale-Face’s Search for the Perfect BB Cream

© Giorge Thomas
© Giorge Thomas

Finally, after months and months of searching I have found the perfect BB cream for my skin tone. I really was under the impression that the cosmetics industry were biased against those of pale skin as every so-called ‘light’ version of the cream was at least three shades darker than my own skin tone. I’d put it on and would have that horrible colour difference between my neck and face that girls used to have in high school. Maybe it’s because we’re in Australia and it is assumed that all of us are bronzed. Actually, I do know that’s how people perceive us. When we arrived in England this year I was chatting to a bloke at the airport and his first words to me were, ‘you’re Australian? Why are you so pale?’ I get that a lot.

I’ve also found that people working on cosmetic counters have a desire to rid me of my paleness. In Wales (fake tan capital of the world) a lovely lady at the Clinique counter was trying to get me to buy the darker shade of powder I was looking at. ‘You want to get some colour in you, love. Get rid of that paleness.’ Steadfast in my decision I said, no, I’ll have the pale powder, thanks, and the poor lass had to search through every store cupboard in the place for my shade because, as it was hardly requested, they didn’t seem to stock many of the lighter shades.

(Do they have emo’s in Wales, I wonder? Where do they go for their pale makeup? Or do they have to try and manufacture their own with chalk and moisturiser?)

I know that my paleness comes from my immense dislike of the sun (see previous post) but I maintain that it will serve me well in years to come when all those sun worshipers have leathered skin, a colour that’s beautiful in a handbag (see below for my lovely Bayswater Tote) but not so on faces.

© Giorge Thomas
© Giorge Thomas

To a certain degree, I get why those in the UK love their bronzed skin. They rarely see the sun and when they do they make the most of it. But here in Australia we’re taught from an early age the dangers of sun-exposure. Children at school are not allowed to go outside without a hat. Every outdoor event held in this country has large bottles of sunscreen on hand to ensure patrons don’t get sun burnt. Skin cancer is a killer in this country, and we’re all made aware of it. Yet there are still those who will risk such exposure for that enviable tanned complexion.

Which is quite ironic, when you think about it. Back in the old days, pale skin was seen as a sign of prestige and wealth. If you were tanned it meant you laboured outdoors, and women would do all that they could to avoid the tanned skin of a labourer. Parasols were in high fashion. Hats, too. Quite often when I find myself in a sunny environment, I’ll always try and cover myself. I usually will drape a scarf over my head and arms and find people around me give me curious, confused looks. ‘Why on earth is that woman hiding from the glorious sun?’ Glorious, yes, but dangerous, too.

However, I am resolute in my paleness. I also love the idea of BB Cream. I don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup, and feel the little I wear should at least be beneficial for my skin. So when I saw that Max Factor had a version of BB Cream (CC Cream – love it) and that they also had more than the usual two shades (light and dark – and I’m sure there are many people of dark colour skin are having the same problems as me at finding the appropriate shade) I had to buy it, despite my current lack of funds. As you can see, it is the perfect shade for my skin – no more two tone. So thank you, Max Factor, for meeting my needs.

© Giorge Thomas
© Giorge Thomas

**** Find out more on Max Factor’s CC Cream at www.maxfactor.com.au

12 thoughts on “A Pale-Face’s Search for the Perfect BB Cream

  1. A solar studio in Cardiff is golden business even more so if you add a paint booth or two. So true one thing I so hate. There used to be jokes about the colored rubbing of, well sex with a fake tan is even worse.
    Good thing you found your creme with your skin tone. always had that problem with my ex to (Welsh but pale)
    Lets enjoy the rain :D.


    1. No, and they are probably very, very low. Should be something I’m concerned about given my mediterranean blood and their susceptibility to osteoporosis, which my mum has. To be honest, though, a vitamin D deficiency is the least of my problems with all of my other health issues. If I crack a rib coughing, I’ll let you know.


  2. Fianlly, someone who has the same problem I do! I a pale peaches and cream complexion, and I’m no where near Australia, in fact I’m in the West, the Western United States. Do I have problems with my Vit D, of course I do, but I take a supplement everyday.


      1. Vitamin d not only helps calcium absorb from your blood to your bones (which may put you at risk for calcified arteries) , it protects you againsts cancers esp colon cancer, it helps your Thymus gland produce helper T cells to recognize infections like say a specific antibody to specific infection. Also it plays a role in hormones and muscle. I live in northeast america and mine got so low i felt my bones getting soft. If certain deficiencies arnt adressed it can cause some possible permanant damage. I take 10,000iu a day. Its pretty cheap. Get your levels checked at least once a year!


      2. You would be surprised what Vit D does for you. It helps your immune system function properly, helps your body absorb calcium, helps your metabolism function normally, and it helps with cognitive impairment as we get older. It’s a simple blood test. There are more problems than what I’ve listed, but’s it worth getting checked. And if you have to take Vit D, try to get it in a liquid-gel tablet, they are the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil.


  3. Does the BB cream work on dark skin too>? I have discoloration and want really gorgeous skin.. I see girls my color with this crazy golden hue like they have become a gloworm. I wonder if BB cream will do this for me.


    1. I briefly touched on this in the blog: I’m thinking that if I’ve had such a problem finding a light enough BB Cream then surely it’ll be equally as difficult for those of dark skin to find a colour that will suit, too. However, Max Factor did seem to have a dark-skinned option, so they might be the way to go. If you find the right shade it’ll certainly help correct any imperfections and the cover is quite good – not as full on as a foundation, of course, but it should do the trick.

      If you have dark skin though, there’s a product you should check out. There’s this powder called Thin Lizzy; it’s from New Zealand. I use it as a blusher and contour. It’s made up of minerals so is great for your skin. You can use as little or as much as you want and it never gives you that powdered, caked-on look. It’s called 6 in 1 powder. The thing is, if you’re dark-skinned you can use it as an all-over foundation and it really does give you that glowing look you’re after. They also have a new range of powdered foundations which I use, and the more you put on, the more it kind of gives off this gleam – they have that in dark skin, too. I really do think it’s worth checking out Thin Lizzy. There’s videos on their website explaining it all. The address is:
      hope this helps.


      1. Thank you so much 😀 Your post was really great. My sister uses BB cream but she is very very very light and has that look. Have a beautiful day 🙂


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