I Wanna Get Me one of These!


I genuinely want a house coat. Watching old TV show’s with proper old school housewives getting about in them. I’d really fancy one. Know I’m not yet a proper housewife – Mr Thomas hasn’t yet been greeted with a cocktail and cigar when walking in the door – but I’m giving it a red hot go.

House coats say you mean business. You’re at home all day and you’re going to do it properly.

Plus, they’re dead useful. Pockets for my glasses, which I’m always losing, and a rag so I can dust down the furniture on the way to the loo. Plus, they keep your clothes from getting dirty if you’re a mess-pot like me.

Yes, I think I’d quite enjoy having a house coat.



2 thoughts on “I Wanna Get Me one of These!

  1. I think that’s absolutely adorable! The idea of house coats (I actually didn’t know that’s what they were called until this post, so thank you for enriching my vocabulary :D). Ah if only I could sew I’d make one of these.


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