Didge’s Day Out

© Giorge Thomas
© Giorge Thomas

Today is such a beautiful day. The sky is a perfect periwinkle blue with cotton-bud clouds floating like ships on a voyage. My sister asked if I wanted to pop down to the park with the kiddy-winks. I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to experience the day.

My niece and nephew bring such abundant joy into my life. My nephew calls me Didge. It was meant to be. I, too, had an Aunty Didge. I was named after her and it’s poignant that a new generation of our family is using the name; Giorgina being too difficult for little mouths to speak.

Sometimes it’s important to stop and say, wow, this is my life, and I’m truly blessed. I have a sister who is my best friend and two children who I adore, and who seem to think I’m okay, too.

What a lovely way to start my day. There’s that saying, ‘stop and smell the roses’ and it’s so true. It brings life into perspective, realising all the things you are thankful for.

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