Leave You at Best

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© Giorge Thomas
© Giorge Thomas

Make me a single rose.

Your beauty is in your thorn

And it bites at you

Leaving blood as red as your bloom.



Throw me a wild carnation

With its single stalk

Broken; in its place  it grows another

A flower like paper, yet made of silk.



Show me a daisy

With a vivid yellow centre,

And a hole for the honey bee

To drink its famed glory.



Make it prosper in bunches

But not sold alone

That daisy too bold

To be on its own.



So join them together

In one fragrant bunch.

A gift for a loved one,

Your devil’s friend.



You pay it good fortune

You let it rest

But they will keep growing

And leave you at best.


© Giorge Thomas

*** Published in Nineteen-O-Splash Issue 12

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