Light White

© Giorge Thomas
© Giorge Thomas

Gaze beyond the

Snow I see

As you drift down

Into my subconscious.


Little flakes

of white



Turning my mood

Until I am bitter white.


And the trees are less green

For it

And the grasses, too

And everywhere I look:

There I see you.


You swirl

And you curse

And you breeze past my ears



Hungry for me to implode.


And I do, I do

In this bitter white

Yet as you fall

I know I do not hate you.


Not hate, but I love.

Love, love, love.

It fills me

Swirls around me

Breathes past me

Just like the white

No longer bitter,

But light.


© Giorge Thomas


*** Published in The Mozzie Volume 18 Issue 4

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