© Giorge Thomas
© Giorge Thomas

A grey mood perpetrated the inner

Workings of each fob. They ground

Slowly to a halt, each tick, tick, tick

Lasting longer than a minute.

They should have been


Brought to life with vigor

From a tiny key

– one size fits all –

Turn, turn, turn.

Instead they lay dormant



By old ways

By old people

By tens of eyes that watch

Them every day

Passing them over

As inconsequential moments

Of a past much less

Like today

Where turning your wrist

Is work enough.

© Giorge Thomas

**Published in The Cannon’s Mouth Issue #42


3 thoughts on “FOB WATCH

  1. I love this. I remember them from my childhood of more than 70 years ago. I also very much liked your reason why you could not commit a crime. I will be following you and look forward to reading more. I want to thank you for liking, “It’s Easy to Love Mud” on Thanks again. – Aloha – pjs.


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