I’m Back, Baby!

I know, I know, it’s been a while. But after a break of a year or so, I’m back online, baby!

I’ve taken the brave move to quite work (ie, what pays me money) and concentrate on my writing (ie, the thing that pays me nothing). If I suddenly disappear it’s because I’ve run out of funds (which are dwindling already after a trip to the UK), and can no longer afford my internet connection.

It’s a huge leap, taking this chance of doing nothing but writing, but I’m hoping that the time I now have to devote to it will result in something of substance, rather than dozens of notebooks full of dribble.

I look forward to connecting with you all again as I start this very daunting journey, and hope that you’ll all be on hand to lend your much-needed support!

Cheers for now!

One thought on “I’m Back, Baby!

  1. A big “hurrah” to you for following your instinct!

    Back in 1981, I quit my job to move to where I live now. I had no job offer and knew no one but I felt that my career would be better advanced by moving to the state capital since my career is in public administration. Because I moved just as a recession was arriving and there were job freezes, it took 18 months to find a job in my field, but it all worked out. I also met my wife here.


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