Terrarium afternoon

On what is quickly becoming the traditional Easter Sunday stroll of my mother’s garden, I noticed a plant which I could see with immediate clarity would be easy to grow and transplant. I mentioned to Mum I wouldn’t mind taking a cutting. In her usual way she bent over and broke off a branch, handing it to me. … More Terrarium afternoon

Never today

Children ran, baskets swaying collecting foiled treasures in the garden. We, enjoying the moments through the screens of our phones, not really there, simply making sure we captured the moments to look back on minutes later as if every day is one big replay, the record and play, record and play of our lives. Sweetness … More Never today

Her State (Poem)

  She, the bitter wind which blows from the east or whatever direction witches sweep; arriving late. She, ego bursting with bitter poison, bubbling hot from her cauldron of hate. She, the former queen whose throne; now in debate She, whose loyal breath is breathing her twisted fate. She, who knows too well how to … More Her State (Poem)

So about insecurity

One of the elements contained in my as-yet-named (all right, it is named, I’m just not willing to reveal it yet) manuscript is insecurity. Insecurity is something I’ve suffered from my entire life. It has shaped the person I am, the experiences I’ve had and the choices I make. Questions continually swirl in the my … More So about insecurity

my new favourite

Circa Home wax melts.  I’m so into all things soy candles at the moment.  With their reminiscent scents, Circa Home takes you from childhood kitchens, first loves and holidays spent lazing by the beach. There’s a year to entice us all.  Now that I am living in a two storey house, I can use the … More my new favourite

Break in bits

  His eyes are too blue and strained by years to be interested in me. His fingers too long, his head too filled with an intelligence I do not possess. His words too well spoken. His body too far traveled. I am an opus of confrontation While he is too calm. I am too closed … More Break in bits

Editing’s a bitch

But I’m trudging away at it. Or should I say chipping away at it. Cripes. Who knows. Like me, the characters in this tale have problems with analogies and metaphors. There’s nothing as hilarious as a muddled metaphor! So I’ll keep at it (hashtag can’t stand editing) amongst all the other stuff I’ve got going … More Editing’s a bitch