So about me…



I guess I like to write. I’ve been doing it a while. Poetry and such like. Inclusions in literary magazines in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. There’s a book, too. The Vase, Reconstructed. You can download it here or search the title on your favourite ebook reader device. It’s about depression, coming out of depression, falling into depression, and trying to find ‘the elusive rose’ (thank, Sylvia Plath). It might not be for everyone, but there you go.

When I’m not writing I’m thinking about writing, eating, self criticising, eating, wallowing, eating, and drinking coffee.

I’ve got two cats and a husband. That makes it sound like they’re my possessions. Which they’re not. Those of you who have cats know they own you, not the other way around. is a collection of essay, poetry, fiction and thoughts.




‘Positive start to a writing career’

East Torrens Messenger 26th March, 2014