Almost Balmoral

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We are in Scotland

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We’re here! #UK2014

We have arrived safely in the UK, you’ll be pleased to know. I think I’m getting too old for travel in general, or at least travel by economy class. Prince Philip is right; economy is ghastly. Currently at home base, we’ll be heading to Scotland shortly, once our travel plans are finalised (Mr Thomas is […]

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The Thomas Family Vacation

Well, it’s that time of year again, when Mr Thomas and I brave the depravity of economy class, spending twenty-four hours in cramped conditions in order to get ourselves over to the UK.

To say that I’m frazzled by our preparations (packing, cleaning the house, organising enough food for Penelope and Martini so they might, just might, not notice our absence, paying bills etc, etc) is an understatement. Next year, I’m sure, Mr Thomas will invest in some Valium, dosing my morning coffee every day of the final week before we go.

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The Same Way

The news of Robin Williams’ death had me sitting down to write this poem. Depression isn’t a curse that lifts with age or with humour, as I know too well. Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.   You lasted until your sixty-third year Happiness and laughed seeped through What wasn’t clear. What was inconceivable, What was […]

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I’m not grateful for living without war

  Sometimes I like to live in this naive little bubble where I believe war is an antiquated act which doesn’t belong in these modern times. I associate war as what we learnt in history class, or some far off foreign thing that my great grandparents and grandparents had to deal with. My great Aunty […]

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SEE ME (Another song)

  I can see you waking around like a dog that must be found   I can see that I’m despised for all the secrets all the lies   In your eyes you see the wrong I’m surprised it took so long   Yet it’s you I see when I close my eyes yes it’s […]

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© Giorge Thomas   seriously. I created this shit

A (Love?) Song

A little song for you. Sing along to your own tune, enjoy in silence. A song, after all, can be silent. Do you see me As I stand here Waiting for a moment Never one to appear   Do you know me? Do you understand? All the things in my mind That I want to […]

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I had intended to post the follow up to The Nurse a little earlier. Unfortunately for us, whenever it rains (and by the way, it’s currently winter here in Australia) we lose our phone line. Because of Telstra’s impeccable service (for those of you who haven’t guessed, I’m being overly sarcastic here) we were only […]

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The Hotel Inspector: The Nurse (PART ONE)

Photo courtesy of rest PART ONE I look like I’ve barbed wire sticking out of my eye. Stitches are gross when they’ve been in a while. Hardened black things that have no place in human skin. And itchy as all hell. Itchy!! They’ve also been in a little too long. Also, sadly, they’re a […]

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