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A (Love?) Song

A little song for you. Sing along to your own tune, enjoy in silence. A song, after all, can be silent. Do you see me As I stand here Waiting for a moment Never one to appear   Do you know me? Do you understand? All the things in my mind That I want to […]

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I had intended to post the follow up to The Nurse a little earlier. Unfortunately for us, whenever it rains (and by the way, it’s currently winter here in Australia) we lose our phone line. Because of Telstra’s impeccable service (for those of you who haven’t guessed, I’m being overly sarcastic here) we were only […]

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The Hotel Inspector: The Nurse (PART ONE)

Photo courtesy of rest relax.com PART ONE I look like I’ve barbed wire sticking out of my eye. Stitches are gross when they’ve been in a while. Hardened black things that have no place in human skin. And itchy as all hell. Itchy!! They’ve also been in a little too long. Also, sadly, they’re a […]

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Response From Campbelltown City Council (Oh Yes!)

Oh no! After my ‘humorous’ open letter to the Campbelltown City Council (read here) the council have sent me a serious reply! You can see it in the comments on the post. Some poor bugger took the time to explain the idea behind the Pizza Festival. Kudos for Campbelltown – they’re not going to let […]

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An Open Letter to Campbelltown City Council

Dear Campbelltown Council I have lived in your district for nine and a half years and this is the first time I have had just cause to be annoyed with you. Which is disappointing, because up until now, I thought you’ve been doing a great job. It’s much easier to hand over my council rates […]

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The Hotel Inspector: The Doctor and the Door (Final)

Read in full and catch up here Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die…* The Charge of the Light Brigade was in my head, this verse particularly. Why the hell was I thinking of going into battle, into certain death, when thinking of spending the day […]

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The Hotel Inspector: The Doctor and The Door (Part Five)

Read PART ONE here Read PART TWO here Read PART THREE here Read PART FOUR here PART FIVE I believe I was having a dream of sorts. A lovely dream where everything was white and fluffy. I had a feeling of peace, certainly. I was in a hotel, but everything in it was white. My […]

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I can’t believe I’m writing about Ann Coulter

So I just read the article Ann Coulter wrote about soccer (or Football for the puritans). I really, really didn’t want to write about this because this woman doesn’t need any more publicity. But cripes alive, she’s driven me mad. Amongst other things Coulter said that ‘no American whose great-grandfather who was born here is […]

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The Hotel Inspector: The Doctor and the Door

Read PART ONE here Read PART TWO here Read PART THREE here PART FOUR So I left. I just couldn’t deal with the idea of staying overnight in a hospital. If I’m ever required to be in a hospital, again, than I hope I’m in some deep-coma state so I don’t know where I am. […]

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THE HOTEL INSPECTOR: The Doctor and the Door (Part Three)

Read Part One here Read Part Two here   PART THREE   Perhaps it was foolish to expect Ewan would be willing to let me go off on my own. I suspect it’s a doctor thing. Something to do with the oath they make when becoming a doctor? Always helping others or some shit? Regardless, […]

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