Poetry Prompt: The Doors

Every time we go away, I always find an interesting door to take a picture of. There’s just something mystical about doors, particularly in old buildings – what’s behind them? Who has walked through them? Despite my interest in doors, they haven’t yet inspired me to write a poem about these intriguing objects, so I […]

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Looking back on my six year old self

My sister found some of my old school books the other day. Somehow they managed to survive all of these years at Mum and Dad’s house – remarkable given my mother was a keen thrower-outer. Anything that wasn’t locked away or pinned down would end up in the bin. Thank goodness she saved these beauties, […]

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if you can’t love for love and be loved by hate than you are a bitter resounding fool who walks through his days with the ghost of the past on his back shake it out believe that it is gone and don’t let those grains of sand permeate the fabric of your being. sand in […]

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Child abuse allegations made against Antony Kidman

Facebook pages in Australia are currently awash with stories regarding Nicole Kidman’s father, Antony Kidman. Prior to his tragic death, allegations were made against Dr Kidman by Fiona Barnett. She claims that she was sexually abused by Antony Kidman, and that he was part of a paedophile ring in Sydney, and that the ring included […]

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UK 2014: the rest of the road trip

So this is the last bit of our holiday within a holiday. The great Thomas road trip. We went to Holy Head, just for the afternoon. You have to watch the tides when going to Holy Head, because it’s only accessible at low tide. Imagine living there! What if you want to nip out to […]

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UK 2014: Scotland

So in our last post I told you all about our stop in the Lake District (read here). From there we journeyed to Scotland. I posted a couple of videos (here and here) which showed me at places where water was running. Not sure why, but I became slightly obsessed with running water. This is […]

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Lake Ullswater

UK 2014: The Lake District

So Mr Thomas and I have arrived home safely, albeit with a large dose of jet lag. I don’t understand jet lag or how it works; all I know is that it’s a lot worse returning home. Sleep seems to be the only remedy. This year’s trip to Britain was busier than others; we fitted […]

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Almost Balmoral

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We are in Scotland

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We’re here! #UK2014

We have arrived safely in the UK, you’ll be pleased to know. I think I’m getting too old for travel in general, or at least travel by economy class. Prince Philip is right; economy is ghastly. Currently at home base, we’ll be heading to Scotland shortly, once our travel plans are finalised (Mr Thomas is […]

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